Dr. Pat Graham BSc., DC.
Dr. Pat Graham BSc., DC.
Founder & Owner of the Core Optimum Health Centre Consulting Chiropractor for the Toronto Blue Jays

Dr. Graham had his NHL playing career with the Toronto Maple Leafs cut short due to chronic low back pain and eventually surgery. At only 23 years old he believed there had to be a better way for people with chronic pain. He opted for a career in chiropractic.

Dr. Graham graduated in 1988 from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology. He then went on to graduate from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1992. He began to practice in 1992 and has also been the consulting chiropractor for the Toronto Blue Jays since that time.

Having played at the highest level of professional sport, Dr. Graham recognizes the importance of being part of a great team and that is what he has assembled at The Core.

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