Shopping For A Backpack

5 Tips To Help You Find The Best Backpack For Your Kids

Parents around North America are slowly counting down the days until the kids are gone back to school, but before that we have to do some back to school shopping. You may or not may not be aware of this, but your child’s backpack is one of the single most important back to school items they can have. 

So what do you look for when shopping for a backpack? To help out we made a list of our 5 tips to help you find the best backpack for your kids. 

  1. Quality counts! Check the stitching and avoid loose threads and poorly fabricated products. Try to get something that will last hem a while in all sorts of weather conditions, something that will survive being thrown around everywhere and something where the zippers won’t fail. 
  2. Make sure it fits! Bring your child with you so that they can try out the backpack and ensure that they are comfortable with it on their shoulders.
  3. Comfort is key! Check the padding on the straps to ensure comfort and that they are wide enough to help evenly distribute the weight. This will help prevent back pain and avoid injury. 
  4. Dividers and pockets! Make sure that there are enough dividers and pockets to properly store books, binders, pencil cases, lunches and snacks. The last thing you want is a juice box exploding in it because it not in the right slot.
  5. Extra straps! If the backpack comes with chest or waist straps, check to see it they are adjustable, secure and comfortable. 

Remember, when choosing a backpack for back to school the most important thing you can do is make sure to let your child have a vote in it. If they don’t like it or want it, they won’t use it and you’ll be wasting your money.  After all it’s them that have to deal with it throughout the day and back to school shopping is something that they can provide better input. 

Another factor would be to have them come in and get their back checked out at the clinic. If you are in the Mississauga area, make your appointment today with us here at The Core Optimum Health Centre and we can do a quick assessment of you or your child as well as provide some more tips on getting ready for school.