The Senior Core Issue: Make the “Golden Years” truly golden

Welcome to the premier edition of The Senior Core Issue.

This is a blog designed not only for seniors over 65 but also for those, like myself, who are approaching their “golden years”. “Golden years” was placed in quotations because far too many people’s lives after 65 are not so “golden”. This is what The Senior Core Issue is hoping to address. Moving forward we will be doing our best to provide information that is relevant, scientific, and very interesting with the ultimate goal of improving aging lives.

Statistics demonstrate that we are living longer – not just a little longer – but a lot longer. As of 2016 for the first time, there are more Canadians over 65 (5.9 million) then kids under 14 (5.8 million). Since 2011, the number of people over 65 has increased 20%. Those over 85 have increased 19.4% and over 100, an increase of 41.3%. Wow! Clearly we are living much longer but the quality of those additional years is not always what it could be. The Senior Core Issue is here to help and inform!

“Genetics load the gun, but we pull the trigger”.
Health isn’t only about genetics, but how you live your life and the choices you make.

Through these blog articles:

  • will help guide you on strategies to improve the odds of enjoying a longer life;
  • will be providing biweekly articles on nutrition, exercise/ fitness and overall lifestyle; and
  • will be providing information concerning specific issues to those in their senior years and approaching the “golden years”

If you are a senior, or have a senior friend or loved one, please introduce them to The Senior Core Issue. We are excited to help make the “Golden Years” truly golden!


Dr. Patrick Graham

P.S. Your feedback and requests are always welcome! Let us know!