Senior Core Issue: Ways To Improve Cognitive Function

Ways to Maintain or Improve Cognitive Function


Memory Tricks

  • Repeat what you hear out loud

Repetition increases the likelihood you’ll record the information and be more able to retrieve it.

  • Make a note

Also gives repetition and added hints to help find the information.

  • Make associations between old and new information

An example would be a new acquaintance named Sandy and mentally place them on a beach.

  • Divide the information into chunks

Store things a bit at a time and then repeat the information which will aid with retaining the overall amount.


Simple Pleasures

  • Caring for a dog has shown to boost mental abilities.
  • Colour a picture as it improves spatial reasoning.
  • Play with a child. A grandparent that spends one day a week with a grandchild has improved cognitive scores. Interesting though is that those spending five days a week scored lower on cognitive testing.


Maintain a Busy Schedule

  • Research has demonstrated that those with busier lives have increased cognitive function. Being busier probably means more regular mental stimulation.


Perform Cardio Exercise Four Hours After Learning

  • A study found four hours was the optimum time to do cardio exercise after learning something new for the best retention, but why four hours no one could figure out.


Latest Evidence on Omega 3

  • Omega 3 obtained from food sources was shown to assist healthy people without cognitive issues stay cognitively healthy. This was not the case for Omega 3 supplements. The conclusion was to eat 3.5 ounces of wild fatty fish two times per week. Salmon, tuna, sardines, halibut and anchovies are examples of fish high in Omega 3.


Improving our cognitive function with these and other suggestions is more important as we get older, just as physical exercise is so important as we age. Thanks for checking in and be sure to read our earlier Senior Core Issue’s.

– Dr Pat