Senior Core Issue: Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

Here are some warning signs of early Alzheimer’s disease from Harvard Health. If someone you
care about is experiencing one or more of the following signs, talk to your doctor.

● Trouble Remembering Things
Initially short term memory is affected. Forgetting appointments, where one left things, or
the name of a new acquaintance could be a clue.

● Mood and Personality Changes
The person may start to exhibit behaviors that are out of character. They may become stubborn, angry and/or commonly, depressed.

● Trouble Completing Routine Tasks
Things that never caused any difficulty become challenging. Using appliances or a
computer start to present an issue.

● Difficulty Expressing Thoughts
It may start with difficulty finding words to eventually trouble with overall language.

● Impaired Judgement
The individual may have trouble making decisions, solving problems and/or planning.

● Disorientation
Getting lost in one’s own neighbourhood is an early sign.

● Unusual Behavior
Out of character actions like wandering, hiding things and unusual foul language may
start to present.

I want you to become familiar with the early signs because there is more and more that can be
done to assist people in the initial stages of this disease.

Next issue we will discuss the things that can help someone with early Alzheimer’s signs and
what we can do to keep our brain functioning well into our later years.
Thanks for checking in.

Dr. Pat