Senior Core Issue: Important things to know about Magnesium

In this issue we are going to discuss my favorite nutrient magnesium! I anticipate you will find all of this interesting and useful. Thanks for checking in.

The mineral magnesium is important to over 300 physiological processes. Three hundred! It assists the immune system, has benefits for the heart, and other muscles and bones. It is very beneficial to our sleep cycles. It is available to us in many fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grains and beans. Unfortunately as we age our ability to absorb this essential mineral decreases and this decrease is amplified by some medications such as diuretics. On top of that, the soil in which food is grown has less and less magnesium in it with every year that passes.

Mono-cropping without any crop rotation means that the soil is being stripped of lots of the minerals that it needs to help keep food growing well. While the main ingredients in fertilizers can help improve the quality of the soil (nitrogen, phosphate, potassium), not every fertilizer has minerals like magnesium in it. This has led to a 30% decrease in magnesium levels in food for conventionally farmed grains and vegetables.

Since there is a decrease in magnesium that is being taken in AND there is an increase in the amount being lost by the body, it can be very beneficial to add a supplement to benefit your overall health and help manage some of those over 50 issues like night muscle cramping, and sleep and relaxation difficulties. There has been some research noting that a magnesium supplement can reduce increased blood pressure, but dosing of should be monitored since too much  can decreased blood pressure to a point where it can result in fainting!

Talk to your health care provider at Core about which magnesium product may be right for you to ensure that all 300 physiological processes are functioning optimally.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of The Senior Core Issue!

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