Pre-Game Routine

Pre-Game Routine

Stretching to Prevent Injury

As the weather gets warm, you may want to get out there and be active in sports. However being a weekend warrior can be painful. Sports participation is one of the leading causes of injuries among people and being injured for a prolonged period of time not only sidelines you but also sucks the fun out of the sport. 

Among children, sports related injuries can cause them to be less active as they may fear being injured again. If you got hurt playing soccer as a kid you have a higher tendency to not be an active participant in that sport again. And for kids this can lead them to not want to play sports, lead a less active lifestyle throughout their development and can have a negative impact on their siblings in regards to sports and activity. 

It’s not possible to avoid injury when playing sports, especially contact sports like hockey or football, but like most athlete’s and professionals we can lessen the chance of injury by being properly prepared, especially among children. One of the best ways to be prepared is to stretch before and after physical activity. Warming up the muscles before the big game or practice helps with preventing muscle strain and fatigue. 

So what are the best stretches to do to prevent injury? Depending on the situation, the type of stretch you do will help that key area of your body. Here are some examples of some common stretches you can do to help prevent injury. 

  • Forward lunge. Kneel on one knee, place the other leg forward at a right angle and lean forward to feel the stretch in the from thigh. Hold for 20 seconds, switch legs and repeat several times.
  • Seat Straddle Lotus. Sit on the ground with your feet touching in front of you and pressing your knees to the floor. Place your forearms on your knees and push down, hold for 20 seconds and repeat.
  • Knees to chest. Lying on the floor, bing your knees to your chest and rock gently form left to right. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat several times.

When participating in sports or activities it is important to remember that being ready to play is just as important as playing the game. Top athletes around the world in major sports competitions prepare for every game by stretching to prevent injury, so there’s no reason you can’t stretch before your game. 

If you have been looking for a chiropractor in Mississauga, come and see us at Core Optimum Health and we can help get you ready by showing you some more in depth stretching to prevent injury and by helping you recover from injury should it happen. We can’t help you score that goal but we can get you ready.