5 Tips to Stay Injury Free in the Summer

We wait for it all year and it’s finally here, summer. Going outside, having fun and being active without the restraints of a cold and dark winter. But even those hot, hazy and humid days can take a toll on our bodies.

Preventing injuries and staying injury free during the summer is a lot easier than you may think, and it doesn’t require having to wear a lot of safety equipment. To help you stay safe and injury free we put together a list of some fun tips to consider when being active on these hot and humid days.

  1. Specific times. You don’t have to limit yourself to specific times, however early in the morning and later in the evening are better times to go for a jog especially on days that have excessive heat and humidity warnings. 
  2. Drink water. Aside from drinking “liquids”, make sure to drink water. Staying hydrated on these hot summer days not only cools your body down, but also helps your body to prevent injury. 
  3. Stretch it out. Before, during and after any activities make sure to stretch out those muscles. This helps with prevention of cramps, tears and overall muscle aches. 
  4. Resting and breaks. There is no need to over-exert yourself on a hot day. Taking a break in the shade when riding your bike or jogging can make a world of difference. Knowing when to stop and relax is vital.
  5. Eating right. Having a meal that keeps you energized and invigorated is important. Make sure to eat healthy proteins, along with fresh fruits and vegetables. Having a big bowl of pasta may not be the best choice during these hot days. 

Always keep in mind that sometimes that best way to be active may be to stay in and relax. Keep an eye out for local heat and humid warnings and advisories, local municipalities and the weather network will advise on conditions. There is no reason to go for a jog when all you’ll be feeling is drained and worn down from the heat and humidity. If you are in the Mississauga area and would like to have some more tips on being active and preventing injuries in the summer, come and see us at Core Optimum Health.